The Michelle Lynn Holsey Story

  • The Michelle Lynn Holsey Story
  • The Michelle Lynn Holsey Story
  • The Michelle Lynn Holsey Story

Michelle's Story

This is a story about Michelle Lynn Holsey, a very special lady, who gave unconditional love, loyalty, had generosity that knew no bounds, tirelessly gave of herself for any cause.....all done with grace and dignity. She unknowingly blessed everyone she came into contact with, simply by being herself. She was wise beyond her years, generous to a fault, the tireless volunteer for church, school and civic functions, and always being an exemplary role model for her children and a loving, devoted wife.

Unfortunately, in the summer of 2003, Michelle was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. After numerous doctor appointments, a mastectomy, then chemo and radiation treatments, Lee and Michelle decided to travel to Germany to consult with Dr. Rigdon Lentz, who had developed an experimental treatment that cycled the patient's blood through a device outside the body that would remove TNF inhibitors from the bloodstream. Dr. Lentz had discovered these TNF inhibitors are used by tumors to shield themselves from the body's immune system. When TNF inhibitors are removed from the blood stream, the tumors are left defenseless against the immune system and its attack. The treatment causes the tumors to swell from the immune system response and therefore begin to decay. Although Michelle quickly experienced remarkable disease regression, other health issues developed and an MRI revealed numerous very small tumors in her brain. Radiation treatments were unsuccessful in getting the tumors under control, and Michelle passed away in March, 2006.

Throughout this entire process, Michelle maintained a confident attitude, battling cancer the way she lived her life.....with grace and dignity.

To ensure Michelle's legacy continues for generations to come, the Michelle Lynn Holsey Foundation was formed in September, 2006, to assist men, women and children in their quest to battle cancer and other debilitating diseases and conditions, while funding innovative treatments and supporting education. With the generosity of the community and friends all across the nation, the Foundation continues to grow and help those in need. Michelle would have been so very proud of all the good work done in her name, and we all know she is smiling down on us each and every day.

Thank you!

Thank you!

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