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  • About Us
  • About Us

The Michelle Lynn Holsey Foundation was established in September 2006, in Crockett, Texas, as a 501-C3 non-profit organization.

Mission Statement

Supporting men, women, and children in their quest to battle cancer and other debilitating diseases:  while funding innovative research and supporting education.

Board of Directors:

  • Lee Holsey – President
  • Wayne Campbell – Vice President
  • Mary Ann Lightsey – Treasurer
  • Tina Clarke – Secretary (936) 204-4600
  • Linda Holsey
  • Michael Campbell
  • Kyle Campbell
  • Nora Thompson
  • Holly Holsey
  • Hannah Holsey
  • Mark Stiles
  • Sharon Kenley – Fundraising Chairman

Grant Committee Members:

  • Lee Holsey
  • Linda Holsey
  • Holly Holsey
  • Sharon Kenley
  • Scott Lucas
  • Patricia Lucas
The Michelle Lynn Holsey Story

The Michelle Lynn Holsey Story

This is a story about a very special lady. She was a special wife, the kind that loved unconditionally, always giving more than she got. She blessed me with the kind of love many people seek for a lifetime but never find. Michelle was not just my wife, she was my best friend. I will miss her dearly but she will always be in my heart, and I will think of her each time I see our children smile.